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Augmented Reality Overcoming Dyslexia

Gemstone is an interdisciplinary, four year living and learning honors research program at the University of Maryland College Park. Under the guidance of our mentor Dr. Matthias Zwicker, team ART aims to use augmented reality and machine learning to provide real time handwriting correction for people with dyslexia. Learning disabilities affect one in ten people worldwide and are especially detrimental to learning children. By hampering their ability to read and write, students with learning disabilities often fall behind their able counterparts. Once they do, a negative cycle is created making it difficult for them to catch up. team ART aims to prevent that from the start by helping these children overcome their learning disabilities. By correcting their mistakes as they happen, the assistive device we will build will prevent the formation of poor writing habits and facilitate their success in academic environments.

  Team ART is currently in the process of developing application frameworks and finding survey participants. If you have experience with dyslexics, please email us at our email or use the contact us page.

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